Top 4 questions before you set up your Blog

blogHaving a blog sounds like a lot of fun and with the range of free hosting sites available there’s not a lot holding you back. However before you start you should ask yourself these questions, if you’ve got answers for all of them then you’re ready to start blogging, so go for it!

Free hosting or your own domain?

There are many free hosting services available and they all have their different pros and cons, which one you choose will be dictated by the main purposes of your blog. Google’s Blogger is typically the first stop for most beginners, it’s easy to navigate and has plenty of different themes to select so you can choose your style. WordPress is slightly more complex and far more customizable Are you going to be re-blogging a lot from others’ sites? Are you going to be posting mainly imagery and photos? Then the likes of Tumblr may be your best bet.

Why are you setting up a Blog?

You need to know the purpose of your blog, this doesn’t have to be complicated though. It can be anything from the breezy ‘Posts of things I like’ to the focussed ‘Digital Marketing Advice for the Drupal Web Developer’. Whatever it may be before you start posting think about your message and what you want to say. You can of course veer off tangent but for the sake of the usability of the blog its good to have a single angle that binds the topics you talk about together.

Who Wants to Listen?

So you’ve got something to say, but now you’ve got to think about your audience. This isn’t to say you need to completely cater all your content to a specific demographic but consider your subject matter and who to best aim it at. Don’t tailor everything you cover into a tiny niche as this only serves to narrow your potential readership but being targeted and relevant makes what you do post more useful to your visitors.

Can you Keep it up?

Regular updating is crucial not only to keep your content fresh but also to maintain your current visitors and attract new ones. Too many bloggers start a new post with “Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve been mega busy” this is a mistake and should never be the opening line of a blog post.

Above all these points though is a passion for what you do. If you love what you blog about and you’ve got the desire to create a damn fine blog, chances are you will! So with these questions and hopefully answers in mind you are now ready to set up your blog.

Being Careful with your Microsoft Word Download

It has been a common thing for individuals to use and install Microsoft word in their laptops and their pc’s. It has become such a necessity to use Microsoft word that the need and the demand for it have enormously increased over the years. Truly, Microsoft word download has made it easier for working professionals and students alike, all processes that require word documentations and the likes.

Word download have been an in thing for corporate offices, which Microsoft have subcontracted, however software counterfeiting has been rampant nowadays, and before you know it, you have been a victim of chicanery. It is but essential that we double check the downloads that we avail of. Especially that there are so many websites that offer free software downloads, we might even be too overwhelmed, that is why we have the tendency to just abruptly download, without considering the fact of being lured into a scam, or worse, a phishing website, and before you know it, your identity has been stolen. These are just some of the things that people should be wary off, it is no joke once we get victimized by all the virtual culprits waiting in the prowl, for hapless and innocent victims, who would normally be too gullible and naïve.

However, Microsoft is not the only option, there are also several other software that you can try to use and be acquainted with. So when you are on the go, to try for yourself, word download, such as that of Microsoft’s, be extra careful and always ask, be intuitive, and never shun away from doing your own background check up.

You will see that by doing so, you will protect yourself, from all the harsh microsoft_wordrealities that have scattered all over the internet. It will give you the chance to sift thoroughly, and in turn, will give you a better objectivity when choosing for that right word download to avail of. Always think ahead, of others, if you sense that this particular website, offering a free Microsoft word download, is very dubious in character, then immediately close it, and move on to the next one. Sifting and scrutinizing will deem very beneficial for you, so no matter how strenuous they can get, always think that it will benefit you the most.